Monthly Grateful Monday – July 2016

Hi there friend and welcome to another month where I get to post anything that I am thankful for in the past month.

First of all, If you have been following my blog or just new let me say thanks for stopping by. I know you may have been noticing a very, very dramatic decline in updating this site and I apologize as things have not been easy for me in terms of time. I just do not have it anymore. I have been focusing more and more on my Side hustling lately and other things that comes up which takes more of a priority. The good thing is I still make the time to write and share whatever is in my mind and share them with you. I mean writing is also a way for me to record what I had actually in the past as I tend to forget, so when I get back here and read one of the post, my head just go “Ahh so that is what I did or that’s what I was thinking?” so for those of you who have stick around or just stopping by to read what is in here:


Thank you!

During the early month of June, a very close family member who lives in Asia suffered a severe health problem and I was asked to help her out financially. I did not object because this person was very instrumental to me when I was growing and to be honest if I were to prioritize people that I would help if I ever become rich, she would be number one. Even though at the moment I have not reach financial independence yet and I have yet to break the $1M net worth I would still help her out. Compared to the amount of expenses they incurred to pay for CT scan, biopsy and things like that are 5x less than when it is performed here in the US if you have no health insurance so I am just glad that I could be of help. Although she is still in the hospital as I write this post, I am just glad that I was able to help and very thankful that she is now in stable condition.


My daughter have also been proactive during this summer, actually she was the one who convince me to spend money to send her to summer Art camp for three weeks. She loves art like I do, although she is way better at digital drawing (she is into Manga) she wants to hone her skills in water coloring. By middle of July she will be entering College Track a program that provides training, academic support and college advising. I have also applied to send her to Martial Arts school during weekends and hoping tha she gets accepted. Instead of sitting her ass all day watching TV or playing video games I am just glad that she is doing these, I believe that the money I am shelling out is a good investment for her future.


The market have also been on a roller coaster ride lately. On my last post I mentioned that my portfolio is geared heavily on energy and oil sector, I’ve finally unload all of them and I’ve liquidated the last one a couple of weeks ago when the BREXIT was starting to heat up. All of my principal cash have been withdrawn and what is left are the profit that I have since reinvested the minute the Brexit mania cooled off. Did I played it safe? NO I was just being smart I am just thankful that I went with my guts before the referendum, Down Jones lose 600 and S&P 500 drops 75 points after the vote. Was that a good thing? For some it was not but for me, I was smiling because let’s face it it is not the end of the world, 600 … 500 is not a big deal. What I saw was opportunity for DJI to rebound and I really thankful that it has indeed since recovered.

I am still super focused on my Youtube channel like I talk about my last post, my goal is to keep adding video content every day and reach as many viewers and subscribers as I can. I know it is a lot of hard work dealing with planning stage, creating the video and editing plus you need to reach a certain amount of viewers and clickers on the ads that is embedded on the videos for content owner to get paid. I was thinking the other day that I should have put more effort doing eBay selling but I’ve already started this one and I am determined to reach my goal. So I guess this is the reason why I have not been able to update this website as much as I used to. My free time just got compressed even more.

On the other hand I love the challenge, I want to push myself as to how far I can go and I am really thankful that I have been able to handle a lot of stresses lately otherwise I’d go crazy.

Anyway, there are still a lot of things for me to grateful for but I have to stop right here and save them up for my next post. In the meantime thanks for stopping by, enjoy the life you have, be with family and friends. Keep husting and don’t give up on that dream.